RYA 2020 selected applicants

The RYA 2020 selection process was completed in July 2020, 2 months ahead of schedule. 18 applicants were admitted out of the 23 who applied this year. The success rate was thus around 80%. One candidate later declined due to his overloaded work schedule. There are thus 17 RYA members now. The list of the admitted applicants and that of the selection committee members can be found here: https://rya.org.ro/selected-applicants-and-statistics-2020

After having received the two reviews for each applicant, we had panel discussions and, according to the selection criteria, the main reasons for which some applicants were selected were excellence in research and a high potential/ willingness for civic engagement. 17 candidates were admitted in the first instance and the 18th after his successful appeal. Later on, as mentioned above, we had one candidate who declined the membership offer due to his overloaded work schedule. We used the EC threshold of 6,5 for funding eligibility.