Selection criteria 2021

In order to become eligible for funding, applications should receive a score above the EC threshold of 6,5 out of a maximum of 10 points.

All applications will be assessed against three sets of criteria:

A. expertise of the researcher (30% of the final score):

  1. a research and publication record that is commensurate with the career stage of the applicant;
  2. relevant preliminary work;
  3. a track record of successful international research grant applications or evidence of the potential for such successful applications.

B. academic merits of the research project (50% of the final score):

  1. innovative nature of the research project;
  2. appropriateness of research design and methodology;
  3. impact of the research project on the advancement of the relevant academic discipline;
  4. interdisciplinarity

C. feasibility of the project in terms of the proposed civic engagement and policy input (20% of the final score):

  1. relevance of the proposed civic action/ policy input for the applicant’s own professional and civic development;
  2. evidence of the applicant’s willingness and ability to work collaboratively with colleagues from a range of different disciplines;
  3. access to research facilities and infrastructure required for the civic component of the project.