The general aim of the RYA is to contribute to the development of a healthy basis for the future science and policy making and in Romania and elsewhere – one that will be based on excellence in research and civic action, interdisciplinarity, fair competition, academic and civic integrity, broad-minded and inclusive views, and regional and international collaboration. For that, we will encourage both frontier research and various activities at the science-society interface such as science communication, science education and science-based public policies. Besides supporting a steady and integrated research career development for its members, RYA will also attempt to make them aware of the necessity of coordinated civic action towards better policies at a national and international level and to support them in their future endeavours in this respect. While working together, the RYA members will thus learn to make a step forward from our everyday criticism of the existing situations towards a more positive and forward looking attitude, which would generate future viable solutions for our presently criticised situations. RYA will also encourage the formation of other national young academies through the regional collaboration with colleagues from Bulgaria, for instance.