Humboldt Kolleg, 18-22 Nov. 2020 - Global Challenges of the 21st Century


This international conference was organised by the RYA director, Dr. Diana Stanciu, and sponsored by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. 

It became the launch event of the Romanian Young Academy ( and it focused on interdisciplinary research and public engagement on the following three themes of general interest and the further specified sub-themes:

1) Technological development and human health/ quality of life – especially the impact of new technological developments and of artificial intelligence on: a) human cognition and agency; b) cognitive enhancement; c) personhood; d) predictable behaviour; e) free will; f) decision making; g) moral responsibility; h) mental and physical health and healthcare; i) healthcare policies – East/ West differences;

2) Climate change and environmental sustainability – particularly the scientific consensus on the necessity of climate monitoring and of enhancing environmental sustainability while targeting: a) specific climate change hotspots in Europe and elsewhere; b) anthropogenic impact on the ecosystem; c) thermal risk factors; d) management of limited water resources; e) carbon dioxide emissions; f) crop production and food security – including the northward migration of European agro-climate zones; g) green technologies;

3) Democracy and cohesion in Europe – primarily present and future challenges on the background of historical and philosophical currents related to: a) axiology; b) human capabilities, intentionality and decision making; c) law and judgment; d) cosmopolitanism vs. nationalism; e) modernity and memory; f) big data and political liberty; g) new media; h) gender balance; i) migration and intolerance of uncertainty; j) corruption; moral and institutional enhancement.

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